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Address: Liu Yueqing municipal Shahu Industrial Zone, Yue Wu Road 777
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Zip Code: 325604
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Service Profile

The customer service center is of Haitai important department. Her main work is: accept customers integrated business consulting, and providing technical support for customers; acceptance, coordination, handling customer complaints, resolve customer problems; take the initiative to communicate with customers, contact to understand the feelings and needs of the customers, and timely customer information feedback to the relevant administrative departments and production companies and handled properly.

Customer Service Center under the Ministry of customer management and technical service department. Customer Management Department accepting customers integrated business consulting, technical services to provide customers with products pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical support and solutions. In order to make every customer Haitai can get satisfactory service, and maintain a good relationship of trust with the company, we emphasize the relevance and effectiveness of customer service and implemented accepting responsibility that customers each phone a responsibility to promote feelings with each other, deepen understanding. If you have any questions about our products and demand for, or have any comments and suggestions about our services, please feel free to communicate with us, we will be best for your dedicated service. Your satisfaction is our service purpose, the common development of the company and its customers is our persistent pursuit.

In the future, all employees of the customer service center will love the warmth of the customer service casting brilliant.

Three bags return

Reason for return Product time limit Approach Remark
Quality problems The factory the date to 12 months Replacement or free repair; compensation freight Written explanation
Special reason for special treatment
More than 12 months The cost of compensation for repair or receive parts
Operating in error Returned within 2 months (with a bill of lading) Return shipping with documentation compensation 产品应完好无损
Products should be intact Returned within 2 months (with a bill of lading) Discount of 10%
Customized products The date of the factory within 3 months Discount of 30% Specific discount, as the case may be
More than 3 months Not be returned
Unsalable backlog Factory on the date 24 months Discount of 20% Service Department
Matters of opinion prevail
24 months to 36 months Discount of 50%
More than 36 months Not be returned
Stop selling products The notification deadline outer returned Not be returned
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