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Power protection

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April 22 Du Haitao, Yang Ou, Yu-Chuan Chen, Zhang Yuke reports: This afternoon, the 2006 annual meeting of the Boao Forum for international energy market trends Branch convened. Yuan Mao Zhen, chairman of China Southern Power Grid Company, do "building a resource-saving power grid to provide effective power protection for the sustainable development of China's economy," the keynote address.

In his speech, Yuan Maozhen In recent years, the global energy market, showing the two main characteristics: First, it is increasingly obvious trend of internationalization; Second, the one-time energy prices continued to rise. 3/4 of China's total installed power generation capacity of thermal power units, a rapid rise in energy prices on the new requirements to the development of China's power industry. He said, China's electricity demand is very strong. Power enterprises to adhere to both conservation and development, giving priority to conservation, is committed to optimizing energy resource allocation, efficient use of limited resources, and maximize the effectiveness. Emphasis should continue to promote the national energy strategy from west to east, to speed up the power structure adjustment, do deep Zuoxi demand-side management, speed up the grid continues to upgrade four put into practice, to provide safe and reliable stability for sustainable economic development power protection

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